Explain Better with our Explainer Videos

Why should you choose Fanikatun?

Our flagship product, explainer videos, has long transformed the way traction was achieved. We advocate the marriage of creativity and technology in harnessing that coveted marketing edge.

Our goal is to ensure our clients, big and small, to tell their story to the world in a scalable, sharable media for all mediums imaginable. Custom-animated and accompanied by an original soundtrack, Fanikatun offers a wide range of tailored, affordable video packages that guarantees top quality, every time. Icing on the cake? Our package will hardly leave a dent in your wallet.

Express Yourself

At Fanikatun, the world is literally your oyster. Choose among our extensive video services that appeal to your marketing needs, which can potentially catapult you into a household name.

Our expertise of more than 20 years in the animation industry will be your focal guide, as we listen to your needs and create what you want, with the core credence of keeping ahead of the time and understanding the trend.

We now serve as one of the leading bespoke content animation studios in Malaysia, with household names as our clientele to boast.

100% Timely Delivery

We guarantee you timely delivery of your video, every time. Our team adheres to a regiment of schedule-compliant routine to ensure our delivery meets the scheduled date. We are known to have timely delivered more than 1000 projects.

100% Custom Art

Worried about copyright claims? With us, rest easy as our animation art and vectors are 100% custom designed especially for you.

Video in any Language

Wish to go international? Or perhaps simply to cater to our diverse local dialects? Your video can be in any language you desire. Our videos support all languages as our latest software ensure your videos are presented with perfection, in any language at all.