Testimonial from Genokid

video snapshot

Challenge and Objective

  • Awareness on genetic testing is considered low among Malaysians. People don’t have a clear understanding on how knowing their genetic information may open up doors to many potentials


  • In collaboration with Fanikatun, we want to make a video in which people are aware the presence of genetic testing in Malaysia, specifically by Genomy Group. Not only that, we want to highlight the process and experience that client gets when they enter the world of genetic testing, done by our company.

Video Usage

  • The video will be displayed in our facebook, Instagram and youtube page. For a certain period of time, this video will be the main highlight in our social media pages as pinned video.
  • The video serves as a basic guide for clients to understand our process, from ordering genetic testing kit to getting consultation from our consultant team.

Feedback on Fanikatun’s Services

  • The ability of Fanikatun’s team to interpret the concept of genetic testing into videographic/infographic is very creative and excellent.
  • Scriptwriting and story board are clearly discussed.
  • Reasonable price.


Recommended. We are interested in collaborating with Fanikatun for more videos in the future. Our team are satisfied with the video made by Fanikatun and we hope to get good engagement with clients (specifically for the video) on our social medias.

Feedback by Ama Leena (Pharmacist, GenoMy)