Testimonial from SPANCO

Challenge & Objective

1. Many government officers were not clear and didn’t have full understanding on what they should do or avoid in certain situations.

2. With this video, it helps the officers to better understand and benefits both SPANCO and the customers (government officers).

Video Usage

1. The video is displayed at both SPANCO service centre every 3 hours. The customers who are eating, drinking or watching a DVD while waiting for the cars to undergo maintenance, will be shown the video.

2. The video will also be played every time, at all government bodies’ briefing done by SPANCO.

Feedback On Fanikatun’s Services

  • Reasonable price
  • Good works and services
  • The choice and usage of colors and graphics are very attractive
  • Businesses and responses between customers (SPANCO) and the provider (FANIKATUN) are very professional and satisfying


Yes, very recommended.

Fanikatun have very good experiences and all their videos produced were interesting. Fanikatun also fulfilled all the requirements set by SPANCO. During the presentation, the upper management are very satisfied and agreed to choose Fanikatun based on all the presented profile.

Feedback by
SPANCO Account Executives